Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tallahassee Paralysis

Pensacola's own Michael Stewart writes the third installment in Gannett Corp.'s series on the hurricane insurance mess today. Both the PNJ and Florida Today are carrying the article.

The bottom line is right at the top:
"Other coastal states have taken steps to help residents weather the impact of hurricane-driven insurance premiums. Bruce and Alice Heidt of Pensacola want to know why Florida can't or won't do the same."
In what might just as well have been a companion piece, Paige St. John reports in the Tallahassee Democrat that Governor Jeb Bush is trashing hurricane insurance reform proposals made by both major party candidates who want to succeed him.
"Davis, the Democrat, embraces a plan to set up a state insurance fund to cover the first $100,000 in storm damage.

Crist, the Republican candidate for governor, calls for a requirement that insurance giants must sell home policies if they also want to peddle car insurance in Florida."
Jeb hasn't had a plan for the last either years, either, but like his older brother when it comes to another disaster, that hasn't stopped him from urging us to 'stay the course.'

For more on what other states have done -- and what keeps Florida government so paralyzed (hint: ideological blinders) -- read on.

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