Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Republicans Find A Scapegoat

After hiding behind crowds of children to evade the press' adult questions about Page-gate, today the Republican majority in Congress elected a scapegoat: Kirk Fordham. ABC News, once again, has the story.

Fordham's chief qualification is that he isn't a congressman. He just works for them.

Fordham worked as an aide to the disgraced Republican congressman Mark Foley for ten years. He later went to work for Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds (R-NY), who is also implicated in the scandal.

ABC reports that anonymous sources are blaming Fordham for 'urging' Republican leaders last spring not to let the sole Democrat on the Page Board know about Foley's salacious e-mails and text messages to adolescent boys. House speaker Dennis Hastert was told about the emails and said he would "take care of it." Now, however, he and his fellow enablers of ephebophilia apparently have decided to blame Fordham for their actions.

Adds ABC reporters Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz:
"People familiar with Fordham's side of the story, however, said Fordham was being used as a scapegoat by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

They said Fordham had repeatedly warned Hastert's staff about Foley's "problem" with pages, but little was done."
By pulling the scapegoat's wool over media eyes, Hastert also may be hoping he can blame Fordham for making Hastert vote for earmarks in his home district projects that made Hastert a multi-millionaire.

As Charles Kuffner says over at the Houston Chronicle --
"So here we are, and there's the GOP House leadership and other assorted actors frantically pointing fingers, shifting blame, sowing confusion, firing staffers, and changing their stories."
Firedog Lake's Christy Hardin Smith, a former prosecutor, doesn't buy that scapegoat. Neither do we.

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"Scapegoat Kicks Back"

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usedtobearepublican said...

I give up. The people running congress are all crooks and perverts. Throw them all out of there and into jail.