Saturday, October 07, 2006

Heat Hikes in Hastert House Whodunit

Saturday's edition of the Washington Post carries a front page article reporting that a second staff aide to majority leader Dennis Hastert has stepped forward to say that Hastert's office staff met with disgraced Florida ex-congressman Mark Foley over complaints about his behavior toward underaged pages. The news means more trouble for Hastert because --
"The alleged meeting occurred long before Hastert says aides in his office dispatched Rep. John M. Shimkus (R-Ill.) and the clerk of the House in November 2005 to confront Foley about troubling e-mails he had sent to a Louisiana boy."
As Josh Marshall notes, the Post article also heavily hints at more trouble to come. Jeff Trandahl apparently has started talking. Trandahl held the prestigious position of Clerk of the House from 1999 until he suddenly departed "within days of his confrontation with Foley over e-mails that the congressman had sent a former page."

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