Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dad, Please Phone Him

"Here we have a slacker son of a powerful patrician father who resolves unconscious Oedipal issues through inappropriate acting-out in foreign countries.
* * *
"To admit that he did wrong is to admit that he is not the man his daddy is, the one who fought in a war.

"Hey, we've all had issues with our dads. But do we need this many people to die so that one dude can look like a leader?
* * *
"It's time for 41 and 43 to work something out, and they can't do it by way of James Baker or Brent Scowcroft. Pick up the phone, old man, and tell 43 you love him dearly and it's time to think about sparing the lives of American soldiers, many of whom have sons, too."

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pissed off patricia said...

Or call the hospital and have your son committed for mental health reasons. He's insane and he's driving the rest of us crazy too.