Friday, January 26, 2007

No Surge Needed on Pensacola Beach

SRIA General Manager Buck Lee apparently patterns himself on George W. Bush. In an act as hubristic as it is ridiculous, he's given the Pensacola Beach governing authority a "State of the Island" speech that contains almost as many misstatements, obfuscations, significant omissions, and outright lies as Bush himself.

Out of twenty cited items, only four have actually been completed. Half of those -- Portofino's fifth tower and beach renourishment -- were started well before Lee was hired; he had nothing to do with them. Another is that "there were no drownings on Pensacola Beach in 2006." Happy news, to be sure, but just how much did Mr. Lee have to do with that?

All of the remaining fifteen items -- count 'em, 15! -- are "set for completion" or "should be complete" or "will be accomplished... in the next few years."

No need for a surge of troops, though. Mike Whitehead will be taking care of that through regime change.

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