WEAR will be replaced with Starz Kids and Family, a network similar to the Disney Channel... ."

A cynic might say no one will notice the difference; not even during channel 3's execrable evening commercial fest newscasts where, at last count, the minutes devoted to ads outnumber the minutes devoted to news in each 30-minute program.

Mediacom has argued, with considerable justification, that if Sinclair wins this struggle it will set a negotiating precedent of sorts that will affect over seventy million more cable households, not just those served by Mediacom. Sinclair most assuredly will serve the same demands on every other cable company in the nation's major markets where it operates a broadcast station.

Indeed, Sinclair already has set its sites on cable giants Comcast and Time-Warner for repeat performances. Cox Cable, which serves Pensacola, can't be far behind.

Essentially, this means that virtually every cable system in Florida and the nation, for that matter, has a stake in the outcome of the Sinclair-Mediacom war.