Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Common Lie

It's being widely reported that Paul ("they'll greet us as liberators") Wolfowitz is insisting that he be exonerated of charges he acted unethically as a condition for resigning from his position as president of the World Bank.

As all of Planet Earth now knows, he screwed the World Bank as well as Shaha Reza. But now he wants a clean reference letter? On the order of this one?

Poppycock. With these birds, it's all about money and power. Neocons like Wolfowitz don't give a hoot about their reputation with anyone except each other. What he really wants is a bag full of dough to carry out the door and across town to the nearest right-wing think tank.

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Anonymous said...

Paul Wolfowitz already is tagged as a war criminal, a philanderer, a hypocrite a self-dealing egomaniac and one of the idiots who pushed us into one of the worst decisions in U.S. history. Yeah, he wants a positive letter of reference from the world bank like his high priced lawyer wants to be paid with a thank you note.