Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Short Film Review: "Recount"

Having suffered through HBO's fictional re-run of the 2000 presidential election, which Alessandra Stanley correctly describes as an "astute and deliciously engrossing film," here's what we think:


TrumanDem said...

Though I have not and I never will watch Recount because it is just too damn painful for me I understand Laura Dern did a send up of Katherine Harris that makes the film.

I love the Gore sticker you posted (thankfully without Lieberman attached). I would like permission to post it on my blog for a bit. I also think you might be amused at my avatar as it is a shot of me and Al Gore back in 2002 when he was on a visit to Jacksonville. Very kewl blog by the way.


Truman's Conscience
"The Buck Stopped Here"

BeachBlogger said...

Truman: The bumper sticker image is yours as much as ours. Click on it and you will be taken to the true owner, who offers it for sale.

And, you are correct on both scores: (1) watching Recount is very emotive for those who lived through it the first time; and (2) Laura Dern's "Katheryn Harris" is one for the ages. It may be cold comfort, but nevertheless it is amusing to realize that long after Katherine Harris is dust, thanks to Laura Dern the world will know the real Katherine Harris better than Floridians ever did.