Friday, May 09, 2008

Pensacola and Navarre Beach - Back Then

Below is an advertisement for Pensacola Beach leaseholds as it appeared in the Kansas City Star, April 2, 1967 (courtesy of William L. Post, author of Deceit Beach).

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"The Kansas City Star advertising supplement of 11 pages by the SRIA. * * * On page 4 [the text reads] 'You can stay on 98 or take the Beach Route, State Road 399, but either way you'll end up at Navarre Beach in 20 miles where Santa Rosa County is developing its own beach resort. There, as at Pensacola Beach, you can get tax-free lots... '
* * *
On Page 6, 'Pensacola Beach... Home sites are leased by the county government for 99 years... The Santa Rosa Island Authority, an agency of the county, handles all property leasing - and there are no ad valorem property taxes on the island.'"

-- Excerpt from Deceit Beach at p. 59

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