Tuesday, January 01, 2008


When it comes to earmarks Northwest Florida's idiot congressman Jeff Miller says, "I would like to see a moratorium on all earmarks" and "I'm not going to sell my soul for two pieces of gold... ."

Instead, he gives it away in secret:
But that didn't stop him from filing 15 earmark requests earlier this year, none of which his office would disclose at the time.


Anonymous said...

I think calling him an idiot is too kind. Maybe that is a better description for all those who voted for him.

Bryan said...

OT: Happy New Year.

You're too hard on Jeff. You don't really expect him to remember all of the orders he's been given by the good ol' boys do you?

I does what he's told, when he is told, and gets to call himself a Congresscritter. He was a whole lot cheaper than two pieces of gold - all it took was a business card.