Monday, December 08, 2008

Charlie Crist's European Junket

Someone we know is pretty hot today. She opened the Pensacola Newsletter this morning to discover that Florida Governor Charlie Crist spent more than $430,000 on a 12-day trip to Europe last summer.

"Four hundred thousand dollars?!" she screamed. "Twelve days?! That's almost twenty percent of the $2.2 million cut-back he's ordered in annual services for preventing juvenile crime."

According to one blogger, the governor was accompanied by "his fiancee, her sister, 9 bodyguards, a photographer, 65 Florida business executives, [and] 2 people tied to the sugar industry."

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has frozen salaries, taken away hard line telephones from supervising probation officers, and is cutting back on juvenile crime prevention programs with proven success records, as the New York Times reported just last week. But the state can afford to spend almost a half million dollars sending the governor on a 12 day European junket?

The Orlando Sentinel, which is also pretty hot about Crist's poor judgment, has the details of his expenses on an interactive chart. It discloses, among other things, that Charlie Crist and his royal entourage ran up over $1,039 in room service and mini-bar bills.

Someone will have to file a Sunshine Act demand to see how much was for bread and how much for booze. We're betting on the booze.

Speaking of crime prevention... Nine "bodyguards"? Nine? As long as we're paying for them, don't you think we should know how many of them just happened to be personal friends with the body they were supposedly guarding?

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janet Renault said...

You know they had to be personal friends......he is abusing his power....his ego is out of control. We need to get rid of him....he is not a leader...he is a liability!