Monday, December 15, 2008

Law and Disorder: Ten Worst Prosecutor Awards

Scott Horton is calling attention to the annual "Ten Worst Prosecutors" award ceremony, sponsored by Houston lawyer Bob Bennett this month. The award certificates are here. The award-deserving details are here.

It's truly disturbing to read just how low our legal system has sunk. No. 1 on the list? Take a gander:
Leading the list for the second year running is former attorney general Alberto Gonzales, the man who, doing the bidding of Karl Rove, introduced new standards of ineptitude, dishonesty and political corruption to the U.S. Department of Justice. The award comes just at the right moment, as word spreads in Washington that the man George W. Bush addresses with the mafioso moniker “Fredo” is the target of a special prosecutor appointed by his successor.
Close behind are neighboring Alabama U.S. attorneys Alice Martin (Birmingham) and Leura Canary (Montgomery).
Martin and Canary have mastered the art of using their prosecutorial powers to advance the interests of their political party and political associates, as Bennett notes. And they have done so with a wink and a nod from the Bush Justice Department, which has systematically swept all complaints against them– notably led by their career employees– under the carpet.
We expect president-elect Obama to cleanly sweep these disgraces and other "dishonorable mentions" out the door. If there's any justice left in the land, they'll all be as unemployed as Gonzalez, who's been reduced to groveling for college campus speaking engagements where he stands at the podium and lets students throw epithets at him.

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