Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Political Play Review

Florida governor Charlie Crist's holiday production, "Foreclosure Moratorium" opens today. The Tallahassee producer, writer, and director says his production will run forty-five days.

Apparently, he intends to lower the curtain for the final time a few days before the new president takes office in Washington D. C. After that, it's every creditor for himself, once again.

Bad timing, that.

Cast members in Governor Crist's play will include only bankers and Wall Street trusts that are holding bad mortgage derivative instruments .... but no one knows or is saying who they are because no one knows for sure. All roles in the play will be filled by volunteers. The most prominent players, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Bank of America, already are committed to similar limited-time productions which were announced over the last two months.

While the intended audience for Governor Crist's heart-warming Christmas spectacular are the entire state electorate, in fact very few Floridians are expected to see his production. If you're already in foreclosure, you won't be allowed in the door. If you don't live in your home right now, you aren't eligible either. If your banker already has sued you, or if he's planning to do so in 46 days, you're out of luck, too.

For that matter, any banker joining Charlie Crist's play is free to refuse admittance to everyone, no questions asked. It's all voluntary, remember?

As Orlando state representative Scott Randolph points out, "Nothing has really changed."

Charlie Crist's play is theater without a message, purpose, or mission.

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report on Gannett Blog and P-cola newspaper laying off 45 today. Might be worth checking.