Thursday, July 23, 2009

Florida Embarrassed Again

Our latest nutcase: Dr. David McKalip. Neurosurgeon. American Medical Association delegate from Florida. Republican. Tea Party activist. Health Care Reform opponent. Racist.


Anonymous said...

Does satire bother you?

AMA said...

Delegates to the American Medical Association are selected through their individual state and specialty societies, and their individual views and actions do not, in any way, represent the official view of the AMA. We condemn any actions or comments that are racist, discriminatory or unprofessional.
-The American Medical Association

Anonymous said...

was the last post really from the AMA?

panicbean said...

The party of Palin, Cheney (Liz), and JTP. And as their collective mouthpiece we offer you Beck, Hannity, and O'Really, and the fatass (Limbaugh).

This is what we are going to go boldly forward into the black hole that is our future with?

We are well and truly screwed if that is the best this country has to look forward to.

Has anyone asked Troy Tippet, our own local neurosurgeon (and Republican), what he thinks of his organization now? I believe he was at one time the president of the Neurological Society of the Southeast Region, or whatever it called itself.