Friday, July 31, 2009

Mural Mania!

A commentator on this blog -- yes, we do have one or two -- sent along some good news about the George Snow Hill mural in Milton. You can read it here.

Soon after the large oil painting was rescued from the Milton fire, we mentioned that we had last seen this terrific WPA mural -- a tremendous example of WPA public art and perhaps George Snow Hill's best work -- "in a setting more appropriate for a feed store than a museum." Well, a few months ago we managed to track it down again.

It had been removed to the floor of an antique shop in Milton. We found it half-hidden behind a nightmarish collection of stuffed bunnies, rubber duckies and hideous candle holders.

All we can say is, thank goodness for bad taste! One never knows... It was always possible that among the hundreds of customers who browse through that antique shop every week, someone might have figured out what they were looking at it and suckered a temp into selling it for a dollar or two.

Click on the photo below to get a full view of the now-former exhibition place for "Pulpwood Logging," George Snow Hill's classic 1941 mural.

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