Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sanctimonious Stimulus Money

It's good to see the Southern Baptist Convention filing frivolous, tardy motions to horn in on cases which have been already decided. In these tough times, it means more attorney's fee awards for the ACLU. We can't think of a better use for the SBC's collection plate revenues.

The Baptists' motion [pdf warning], among other glaring faults, displays a woeful lack of historiography. As part of the argument in favor of forcing their religious views into the Santa Rosa public school system, they claim "the Bible is undisputedly [sic] the only source for various historical facts, and is probably the sole source for the early history of the Jewish people."

"Probably?" "Only source?" Oh, my. Liberty University Law School, wherever that may be, needs a new history professor.

As for how Southern Baptists may be "irreparably harmed" by the federal court consent decree entered many months ago, among other equally weightless claims, they claim "if students prior to competition choose to pray voluntarily, school employees must disrespect this act by not closing their eyes, bowing their heads or even folding their hands... ."

It's utter nonsense, of course, and any real lawyer would know it. The motion merely buys time for Pace high school's principal Frank Lay and his confederates to continue flipping off the federal court and treating its orders with contempt. In the end, though, it'll cost them.


Anonymous said...

Don't blink! You'll be accused of praying.

panicbean said...

No one cares about who is praying and who is not. The question was asked, and answered, as to where the praying should be done.

All the Pace HS Board is doing right now is wasting tax payer dollars, which are in very short supply, on an issue that should have been done with a few months ago.

The lack of acuity is glaring, as well as finger waving. We all know which finger is being waved.

As a tax payer in Santa Rosa County, I am offended by the waste of our tax dollars, as well as the lack of leadership in our school system.