Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet Another Republican in the Flesh

Tennessee state senator Paul Stanley:
  • Conservative.
  • Republican.
  • Married.
  • Father of two.
  • Sunday school teacher.
  • Day school board advisor.
  • Abstinence advocate.
  • Divorced wife beater.
  • Serial adulterer.
  • Kinky "provocative positions, poses" photo-taker.
  • Blackmail victim.
Here's the problem: Republican "Christian" moral harpies are becoming such a parody of themselves that it's hard to satirize them. They do it to themselves.

1 comment:

panicbean said...

Birds of a feather and all.

"Stanley, 47, who is married and has two young children, indicated he does not plan to step down from the Senate."

Does no one ever think of the children?

Oh, and welcome back! We missed your posts.