Friday, August 21, 2009

Non Veritas

There was a day when Harvard University appointed only intelligent, honest, and brainy people as "teaching fellows." No more. The latest Harvard employee? Despicable Norm Coleman, former senator from Minnesota.

The very same Norm Coleman who abused his position as chairman of a Senate subcommittee to lodge baseless charges against a British Member of Parliament when he was far across the ocean and couldn't answer them. When at last Coleman's target had a chance to respond in person, he properly punked the loathsome Coleman. All Coleman could do was blush furiously and look sick.

If the faculty and students at Harvard have one-tenth of George Galloway's courage, they will openly shun Coleman as the incontestably vile worm that he is. Alumni should let the Foundation know they won't be sending in any stocks this year, too.

Rewind: Here are excerpts from the Galloway-Coleman transcript. Below is Part I of MP George Galloway, justly humiliating the contemptible Coleman, plus links to Part 2 and 3.

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