Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Proper Response to Townhall Tizzies


Anonymous said...

Wow, Mr. John Barrett. Do you really think that acting like an arrogant ass is the way to respond to one's constituents?

And where did Lori Wallace (aka panicbean) go? She was so helpful here. Is she back on DailyKos with the rest of the socialists/communists?

Anonymous said...

ha ha my thoughts too. Need a pic of this blogger . We all want to see what a pompous ass looks like.

Now anyone questioning the promises of the big O is a nut.

by the way, how's O's "rescued" puppy doing? The one that was "rescued" via Ted Kennedy

What a joke. Couldn't even keep that easy promise

Anonymous said...

pb may be visiting clinic for

obsessive compulsive liberal with skin color fixation.

Good luck Miss