Thursday, November 09, 2006

Northwest Florida Congressional Wrap-up

It wasn't a surprise that Joe Roberts lost to incumbent Jeff Miller. In this redneck of the woods, he never had much of a chance. Roberts surely knew that, even if it was bad form for him to admit it openly.

The Democratic Party and, in fact, all the people of Florida's 1st Congressional District should be grateful that he made the effort. Roberts ran an up-beat, positive, issue-oriented campaign and made a contest of it. Without him, what was supposed to be an exercise in representative democracy would have degenerated into merely another coronation of the mediocre by the oblivious.

Joe Roberts cheerfully took on the task of running against a deeply entrenched, well-financed incumbent in what surely is the last place in the nation where an upset could be expected. And, he did it with virtually no financial support from the national Democratic Party, little attention from the media, and against the stiff wind of four meretricious cavalcades through Pensacola by the Bush entourage in just two years.

The Democratic Party owes him, even if Roberts doesn't see it that way. Maybe the new majority in the House and Senate will have the sense to draft him into service with some Party or alphabet-agency that would give him the opportunity to work for bettering the lives of working men and women, small businesses, and the veterans he cares about so much.

If that were to happen, given the seismic shift about to rattle Washington, the irony would be Joe Roberts could wind up doing more good and influencing public policy more than Jeff Miller ever will as an undistinguished member of a nationally-rejected minority in the coming 11oth Congress.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Friends:

Sharon Kay and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for your generous support and sincere encouragement over these last months. Your friendship and commitment to our cause has made this campaign possible, and gives us courage as we face the upcoming campaign season.

We are developing a new plan, one that incorporates the lessons learned over the last 10 months. We will campaign even harder in the next two years, and we will need you help and encouragement even more for the 2008 election.

We have made great strides toward unifying our party and establishing a sound base for success, and we must not be discouraged by the lack of participation we witnessed on November 7th. We must work even harder to overcome voter apathy and unify Democrats in 2008.

Please make a commitment to join us again as we continue our quest to return this nation's government to its people. To that end we are asking each of you to begin the 2008 campaign season by donating $20 today. We need an early start on filling our war chest if we are to have what we need for the campaign ahead.

Thanks again and may God bless each and every one of you throughout the holiday season and in the years to come.

Joe and Sharon Kay

Joe Roberts for Congress
PO Box 946
Pensacola 32591
Warmest regards,
Joe and Sharon Kay Roberts