Monday, November 06, 2006

Proposed Florida Consitutional Amendments

The best blawgger in Florida, Matt Conigliaro of Abstract Appeal, has a convenient, truly fair & balanced rundown of the proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution which you will see on the ballot when you vote tomorrow.

We've already urged a "No" on Amendment No. 3. FWIW, the League of Women Voter of Florida agrees with us, as does the Pensacola News Journal -- and for the same reasons. When and if the Florida legislature finally allows voters the freedom to propose new state statutes by referendum, it might make sense to require a super-majority to change the state constitution. But not until.

The League also urges "no" on all the other proposals except No. 1 (Yes) and No. 8 (no position). Go here for the reasons and click on "LWVF" Ballot Question Positions [warning: Word format.]

Project Vote Smart Florida also has information on who proposed which of these amendments (5 of 6 came from the state legislature itself -- and that ought to tell you something.) Vote Smart also provides a summary of balanced pro-and-con arguments for each proposition.

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