Tuesday, November 07, 2006


For anyone who thinks the avalanche of Republican voter suppression activities, like those described here and here and here, isn't serious stuff -- think again.

Moveon.org at mid-day Tuesday announced --
MoveOn.org Political Action is offering a $250,000 reward for new material evidence leading to a felony conviction for an organized effort of partisan voter suppression or electronic voting fraud.

Throughout the day accusations of election fraud and voter suppression incidents have been flooding into state and federal authorities throughout the country. In Virginia, the FBI has launched a criminal investigation into charges of voter suppression. In 20 Congressional districts, NRCC robocalls appearing to come from Democrats harassed voters with repeated calls in an apparently coordinated campaign to suppress the vote.

Complementing an earlier reward for whistleblowers, MoveOn's reward is being offered to anyone who provides this information.

A quarter mil' will pay off a lot of college tuition debts, Young Repubs. If you have the goods, contact: Trevor Fitzgibbon, Laura Gross or Alex Howe, 202-822-5200, all for MoveOn.org Political Action.


Anonymous said...

Good, if I see any MoveOn.org people doing what they allegedly did in 2004, I will photograph them and report them to law enforcement.

Per the American Center for Voting Rights,
"On Election Day [2004], individuals in Franklin County, Ohio, were threatened and harassed at their polling places by agents of MoveOn.org after being asked about their voting preference and revealing their intention to vote Republican.
Similar situations are alleged to have occurred elsewhere around the state and prompted a lawsuit filed in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court. Voters were intimidated by MoveOn.org in an attempt to dissuade them from voting for George Bush..."

http://www.ac4vr.com/reports/032405/OhioElectionReport.pdf adds,

"5.2 Incidents Of Voter Harassment
Across Ohio, instances of illegal electioneering within 100 feet of the polling location were reported. The organizations most responsible for sponsoring this activity were MoveOn.org, America Coming Together, Voter Protection Project, and the Election Protection Squad and similar so called “non-partisan” groups. A few examples of those incidents, among thousands collected, follow:

In dozens of precincts in Hamilton County, individuals working for MoveOn.org were observed throughout the day within the polling places distributing Kerry campaign literature, and encouraging the illegal use of regular ballots, and “flushing” the voter lists. In one instance MoveOn.Org had a table inside the 100’ limit with up to 16 people conducting political activity for Kerry/Edwards campaign throughout the day."

Anonymous said...

Bill Levinson, that's pathetic. That was then. This is now. Did you not read this below?

"Dirty tricks, large and small, are a sorry fact of life in American politics, but what the Republicans have done over the past few weeks -- the surrealist attack ads, the forged endorsements, the midnight robo calls, the arrest threats, the voter misinformation (did you know your polling station has been moved?) -- is sui generis, at least at the national level."

Sui generis means of a kind all its own. Forgery means felony.

Have a nice day, bill.