Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jeff Miller: 'Time for Your Business to Go Away'

There were some very dumb bunnies out on America's astroturf yesterday, like this one in Syracuse. What else would you expect from Fox News watchers?

In the Panhandle, we had more than our share of 'tea bag' idiots, too. Check the reports from the Independent News and PJC's Corsair.

But no one made a fool of himself quite as thoroughly as Northwest Florida's own congressman, Jeff Miller (R-Chucklehead). Sean Dugas reports that while speaking at University Mall, Miller said of government spending--
"We can stop this, but it has to be a grassroots effort... . If your business can't make it, it's time for your business to go away."
A lot of local business owners will remember that the next time Miller is up for reelection. Ironically, some of those small business owners once were located in University Mall -- the very venue Miller chose for kicking dirt on their graves. But as Carleton Proctor reported early last month, all but one of them "have closed their doors." (Google cache here. expired) [Project Vote Smart has the full report.]

updated 11-08-09

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Sinfonian said...

I loved how Rep. Miller originally was scheduled to appear at the Plaza Ferdinand teabaggers' ball, but when he found out there were four times as many people at University Mall, well, he suddenly had a change of plans.

Way to keep your word, Jeff.