Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cynical Liars

Steven Benen today posted a short article about the pending Financial Reform Bill that deserves to be read. It's all about liars who lie even when one of their own people admits they are lying:
Got that? Republicans will shamelessly lie about a provision in an important bill. Confronted with reality, they'll still lie. And even if the provision disappears, they'll still tell the same lie.

What's the point of even having a public discourse when the leadership of a political party treats the truth like a punch-line?

And where are the journalists with the professional stuffing to report the truth? A candid news report would read something like, "Republican congressional leaders continued to prevaricate and misconstrue the financial reform legislation today while Democratic leaders stood by, apparently helpless and confused about how to reply to the chronic lying."


Anonymous said...

If it's Tuesday the Republicans are lying. Oh wait, any other day works, too.

BLehman said...

Cheating, lying, stealing. That's free market capitalism, right?