Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zoo Scoop

When the troubled Northwest Florida Zoo was compelled to close late last year for want of funding support from local area governments, we suggested to some local journalists we encountered that it might make an interesting series perhaps under a headline like, "How Do You Evict the Animals from the House?"

Milton resident James Amerson (not pictured here) did exactly that, on his own. And, he's has posted a series of video reports on CNNi -- an interactive web site where viewers can submit news stories. It covers both the closing and the reopening of what is now known as the "Gulf Breeze Zoo."

For all of his video reports, CLICK HERE. (Sadly for Northwest Floridians, there are no more komodo dragons. They moved on to stardom at the Phoenix Zoo.)

But the Zoo is back! James Amerson's latest video shows the "soft re-opening" in late February and gives you a glimpse of what the newly renamed Gulf Breeze Zoo looks like now.

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