Sunday, April 04, 2010

Panama City Plunge

We've said it before: if your money-grubbing idea for how to market your beach community to tourists is to encourage everybody to get drunk and high, then the least you could do is wire-off the high balconies.

Or, not.
"On a personal level, I got to know Matt quite well over the past few years, and he was a wonderful young man from a great family. Matt was an extremely talented person who was very bright and possessed a great, dry sense of humor. He could not wait to join the Notre Dame family."
Instead, you might tweak the promos just a little, and adopt a new slogan. How about:

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BLehman said...

It is no secret that there is almost constant under-age drinking, drugs, sexual assault, and lots worse in Panama City's beach. Happens through the summer as well as spring break. So, where are the cops? Where are the state liquor and beer control people? Where are the hotel license authorities?

They run and hide for one reason. If the law was enforced the bars and nightclubs and hotels would lose their licenses.

Businesses would suffer in Panama City. So they make sure the sheriff, the cops and even the State of Florida look the other way.

Panama City businessmen trade in the death of immature young people. The State of Florida and Bay County help them.

It is truly, truly disgusting.