Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pensacola Menaced By Hurricane Dennis

As of the 7 pm Saturday update at the National Hurricane Center, Dennis once again has become a "dangerous Category 3 major hurricane." The NHC expects it to grow even stronger over the next twelve hours, reaching at least Category 4 status.

The NHC "strike probability" tables also have been updated. As we first noted on Thursday, Panama City and Apalachicola narrowly edged out Pensacola as the likeliest target for land fall. And that continued over the next two days.

It wasn't much, a percentage point or two. But it was something to hang our hopes on.

No more.

As of the 7 pm update, Pensacola now is the runaway leader for likeliest point of landfall:
  • Apalachicola - 26%

  • Panama City - 30%

  • Mobile - 33%

  • Pensacola - 35%

We are really in for it. At this late hour, there's nothing more to be done except hunker down, keep a good sense of humor, and survive the storm.

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