Wednesday, July 13, 2005

While you were out...

... plywooding your windows and packing the family photo albums ahead of Hurricane Dennis, South of Suwanee noted that Northwest Florida's own Congressman Jeff Miller (R-Fl) voted to restore funding for National Public Radio.

Good for him! He resisted the worst ideological extremists in Congress, who are out to kill public television and radio or turn them into clones of the execrable Fox Cable News, as Bill Moyers warned just two months ago.

Republican or Democrat... liberal or conservative... classical music lover or blues afficiado... news hound or feature story lover... all reasonable people have to applaud a vote to keep public radio on the air.

Here in the Pensacola area we not only enjoy the superb programming of WUWF-FM throughout the week, we depend on it. Especially during tropical storm season, which these days seems to run 13 months a year.

If you believe in positive reinforcement, send Congressman Miller a thank-you note.

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