Sunday, May 21, 2006

Citizen Quiz Show

Senator Jeff Sessions of next-door Alabama, a state that ranks among 43rd out of 50 on the 'smartness scale,'' last week co-sponsored an amendment to the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" that would require anyone seeking U.S. citizenship status to pass a Homeland Security test about "key documents" in U.S. history, including the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, and the Emancipation Proclamation.

The amendment passed. The full bill is still pending. Complete text of the bill, cost estimates, and other information is here.

If new citizens will have to pass a test about these "key documents" you may be wondering how someone else -- someone, perhaps like you -- would do.

Click here to take a fairly elementary ten-question test. If you don't get all of the questions right, you should consider dropping a note to some foreign embassy and asking for an immigration visa. Apparently, you're too stupid to be here, in Mr. Sessions' opinion.

If you manage to answer all the questions correctly, try the 13-question test right here. It really isn't all that much harder, but we very much doubt Mr. Sessions himself could pass it. He's one who assumes the president is free to spy on all Americans within the U.S. without a court-ordered warrant issued upon probable cause.

The Fourth Amendment says differently.

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Anonymous said...

If Senator Sessions had to take the citizens exam he'd flunk.