Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Goofy Quote Contest

The Pensacola News Journal has begun running the predictable daily puff pieces announcing that Pensacola Beach is ready for you this coming Memorial Day weekend. It's always a delicate high-wire act for local tourism promoters to come off sounding wildly optimistic about the coming crowds while reassuring stragglers there still are hotel rooms and restaurant seats to be had.

Fun-loving reporters ought to start an office pool to see who can grab the goofiest Memorial Day Weekend quote. It's still early, but this year Dereck Pivnick already may have the prize in the bag. In today's paper he quotes Island Authority general manager Buck Lee as saying, "All of our parking lots are striped, asphalted and open."

Now, that's just the kind of good news fun-loving tourists were waiting to hear, right?

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