Friday, May 19, 2006

Tiki Torch Tax Holiday

Florida's annual 12-day Hurricane Preparedness Tax Holiday starts Sunday. Batteries, weather radios, and all other manner of storm preparedness items can be purhased tax-free. Details are here.

One item we really don't get: "Tiki torches" will be tax free for the duration.

What's a tiki torch? Island Madness offers a definition:
"Tiki torches are decorative poles about 5 feet ... in height with a top fuel reservoir and wick. They can be placed along walkways, patios, pools or gardens to provide a wonderful tropical ambiance."
How helpful will a flickering flame be in the middle of a "wonderful tropical ambiance" like a hurricane-force wind? Can er... shed any light on this subject?

1 comment:

Bryan said...

They are used after the storm to pollute the air, attract insects, and burn down your house after you knock them over, spill the flammable lamp oil which is ignited by the still burning wick.

Tiki Torches and chain saws should not be sold without proof of a minimum of common sense.