Sunday, October 07, 2007

Island Girl's Digital Dream

Pensacola Beach's D.J. Zemenick, who has a popular photo blog known as Barrier Island Girl, this weekend announced that she has opened a virtual photography store. She writes:
Today I finally launched the Internet storefront for Barrier Island Girl Photography. You will see it listed in the left-hand column under "Links". Thank you to blog viewers who've been so patient with me as I've worked to build up my inventory of photos and set up an online store.
We say, good for D.J.! Although she's also an accomplished, very funny writer, photography has become her passion. And what better place to practice that art than Pensacola Beach, where the barrier island's light and sights change so dramatically every moment that it can leave you breathless?

Readers can order prints in sizes from 5 x 7 to 11 x 14, without or without matting and signed or unsigned. Prices range from $10 to $40.

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