Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shorter Bush Administration History

[W]hen the history of the Bush Administration is written, this systematic violation of statutory and treaty-based law concerning fundamental war crimes and other horrific offenses will be seen as the blackest mark in our nation's recent history -- not only because of what was done, but because the programs were routinely sanctioned, on an ongoing basis, by numerous esteemed professionals -- lawyers, doctors, psychologists and government officers -- without whose approval such a systematized torture regime could not be sustained.

A democracy depends upon, and can survive, only if its citizens are informed about what their government is doing in their name. So, you should read this revelatory news in its entirety.
These guys have --
Digby ("Sociopathic Justice")
Josh Marshall: ("Charnel House")
Kevin Drum: ("Torture")
Prof. Jack Balkin: ["Torture 2.0"]
But if you don't have the time right now, we've prepared a shorter version -- Godwin's Law be damned:

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