Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Loonies Are Coming! The Loonies Are Coming!

On a day when Tampa, Florida led the slide and U.S. housing sales dropped for the eighth straight month, Canada is reporting that housing sales and prices in that country rose yet again.

Meanwhile, Canada's National Post hints at what we suspected: Those sneaky Canadians are waiting to "pick the bottom of the housing mess south of the border" before they snap up everything. The reason is the Canadian loonie is hitting record highs against the dollar.
The Canadian dollar soared to a near half-century peak of more than $1.05 US on Monday as oil prices bubbled to a record of more than $93 US, and as the greenback continued to sink on fears of U.S. economic weakness and in advance of this week's expected cut in interest rates south of the border.
What's more, Paper Money has some data suggesting we ain't seen nothin' yet.

Every which way you look, this just isn't a fair fight. After all, when did Canada last start a senseless war, huh? When did it lose $8 billion in Iraq? Name the last time the head of a Canadian government squandered a national budget surplus and then ran up a 2 trillion debt in six short years. And, those cheaters up north have national health care insurance, too.

We should file a formal protest. Canada is not playing fair! They aren't fielding complete dopes, crooks, and incompetents to run their country.


Anonymous said...

You don't know much about Canadian politicians do you?
Look at how many have swindled the citizenry out of millions, leave the country and are never prosecuted.
Then look at the health system you think is grand again and you will find that only those that can pay income taxes have any chance of getting any healthcare beyond pills.

panicbean said...

Oh me, oh dear Lord, Jesus himself is weeping. They have, after all, landed. Rent Sicko. I'll pay.