Monday, June 02, 2008

Document the DCF Atrocities

July 7, 2006: Dean McGregor, age 7, is found "lying in bed, unresponsive, his dead eyes fixed in space." He died from "blunt force head injuries."

Who could have guessed? Not the Florida Department of Children and Families:
  • Feb. 16, 2005: "DCF's abuse hotline received a report that Desmond McGregor's girlfriend had used a belt to discipline Dean's twin brother... ." A caseworker from [DCF contractor] ChildNet dismissed the allegation as a "form of revenge" by a family member to try to gain custody of the three boys... . No action was taken, the suit says."
  • April 2005: "[A DCF] caseworker on a supervised visit was told by the three brothers that one boy had been injured on his back. 'The monitor observed 'a long abrasion' on [the boy's] back... ." The boy 'reported to the monitor that `Desmond hit me' with a belt." The boy also accused the teenage son of his dad's girlfriend of biting him in the head... ."
  • April 13, 2005: Dean McGregor reported to DCF Child Protection Investigators "that his father hits him with a belt... . He also told the team that his dad's girlfriend and her son also hit him.
  • November 2005: The non-custodial mother "said in an abuse report that Desmond McGregor had attacked her, and she 'fears for her life and the kids' safety."
  • March, 2006: After DCF received another abuse report, a state Child Protection Team found "medically confirmed abuse, failure to provide a safe environment and failure to protect... ."
  • June 2007: Dean McGregor is "pulled out of the bottom of a pool after a brief submersion episode," hospital records show.

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