Thursday, June 26, 2008

Miller On The Borrow

We've been otherwise engaged and so couldn't join in the fun. It seems Bryan over at Why Now? got the goods yesterday Tuesday on Northwest Florida's congressman Jeff Miller (R-Chucklehead) via USA Today. One day later, the Pensacola News Journal joined in with a rerun, even giving it front-page treatment.

Anyone who has followed Congressman Miller knows he's an ineffectual dunce whose sole contribution to American government is that he does what the Cheney Administration tells him to do. This is just the sort of character who turns out to be a word-thief and it shouldn't surprise anyone. There's a reason sycophant and plagiarism both have their roots in ancient Greek.

So, we blame the University of West Florida. They never should have asked Miller to deliver a commencement address. A commencement address, mind you!

Commencement speakers should be people who are distinguished by their diligence, personal courage, lifetime achievements, character, "legendary wit" or other accomplishments. They're asked to present the graduates with a "living example of responsibility in action" to mark the momentous occasion of matriculation from school to life.

All that Jeff Miller exemplifies is how to be a toady while at the same time violating the student honor code by stealing another person's words and ideas. West Florida University knew or should have known that.

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