Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're in the Soup, Now!

The seeds of raging inflation sewn by the Bush administration's exorbitant Iraq War spending ... "morally obscene military spending" ... imprudent tax cuts for the super-rich ... dollar indifference ... and record setting federal discretionary spending are beginning to flower everywhere.

Gas over $4 a gallon; bread topping $3.50 a loaf; and Cap'tn Crunch "costing close to $6 these days." Etc. etc.

Even (or especially) the U.S. Senate can't live within its means. Do you suppose this news means that Pensacola's own McGuire's Irish Pub will soon have to stop selling Senate Bean Soup for 18 cents a bowl?

1 comment:

panicbean said...

Wouldn't the fine people of Pensacola riot if McGuire's stopped serving the .18 cent bean soup?

I think so! :)

We order it quite frequently, if for no other reason than to prove to our out of town guests that it is real and it is quite tasty.

As for the dining halls of congress, hell, let them eat cake, or whatthehellever is on the menu at McDonald's these days.

McCain is going to veto 'beer', what's next?