Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah Palin Mystery Solved!

Sarah Palin doesn't 'talk to the hand.' She talks from it! Just like that idiot in eighth grade who sat behind you in the next row: she cheats. Here's the proof:

Below is the YouTube video, which appeared before the close-up of Palin's right hand became available. Steve Benen has more.

Dept. of Amplification
2-07 pm

It should be added that Palin wasn't cribbing notes on her hand because she wanted to be precise about complex numbers, or chemical formulae, or a specific House bill number or stuff like that. Not even, for that matter, the spelling of a multi-syllable word or two. No, the words she had to cheat on were "Energy," "Tax," "Lift American Spirits," and "Cuts."

That said, it remains to be decided just who is the bigger idiot. Sarah Palin? Or the hapless teabaggers who paid her a cool hundred G's to read such empty generalities from her hand?


Anonymous said...


OMFG, I am dying here!

She crossed out budget for tax cuts????

Anonymous said...

aggg come on. you guys are sick!

ross said...

That's easier than listening to what she said. Takes no thought whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

So What?

She should have had somebody write her speech and put in on a monitor so she could read it perfectly?

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a perfect reading from that word salad, sorry.

She should probably stick with the palm. :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin addressing the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference (wtf?) says, "You guys were doing green jobs before green jobs were even cool."

She also states that global warming is snake oil science.

The kicker, ""We really do love our trees," Palin said. "I named my daughter Willow. Isn't that granola enough for them?"

Oh brother.