Saturday, February 06, 2010

Shakedown Shelby

Alabama's opponent of good government puts the arm on the American taxpayer while also weakening our national security. Meet "Shakedown Shelby" (R-Extortion):


ross said...

Maybe filling national security positions with people with a post 9/11 mindset is better than filling them with those who harbor a pre-9/11 mindset, like our President?

Doing otherwise is playing games, putting us at unnecessary risk.

Anonymous said...

Richard Shelby ran for Senate as a Democrat taking money from Alabama Democrats. After he gets elected, he switches to Republican. Does anyone really think Richard Shelby gives a rat's ass about anything other than Richard Shelby? Just another run of the mill corrupt politician.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ross, you just keep playing that fear card, dear. Maybe you can work with Rudy Guliuani in his next run for some office, somewhere. Ha!

ross said...

For me, that works better than playing the head-in-the-sand card.

Better than giving terrorists our Constitutional protections.

Here's the basic difference. Our Constitution is not a suicide pact as the ACLU bunch would like it to be.

ross said...

That link was helpful. Where DHS is concerned, there are 3 openings. And of the 14 who were confirmed, you have Napolitano at the top whose experience is like a consumer products safety commissioner. Too bad it's not toys or car seats she's supposed to be protecting us from. Then there are:
7 Former Clinton appointees
2 Obama campaign or transition team members
2 Veterans
1 Associated with labor unions
1 Attended OR (or?) taught at Harvard.
1 was an Obama campaign fundraiser

Looks to me that Sen. Shelby is on to something.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Shelby is on crack. Also, too. Did someone forgot that the current President gets to choose his cabinet and appointees, and not the opposing party, who lost the election? You betcha.

ross said...

That the President has the task of picking his cabinet and appointees is not in question here. That they have to be confirmed is the subject. And the fact that Obama appoints birds of a feather just becomes a problem for him, and us. Because he has no understanding of economics, of free-market capitalism, of running a business, making a payroll, prosecuting a war, handling enemy combatants, running the auto industry, the finance industry, the health care industry, or the health insurance industry, getting his nominees confirmed becomes a long and drawn out process.

Anonymous said...

Economics or tax cuts for the rich?

Free market capitalism? See bank bailouts.

Running a business? See bank bailouts.

Making payroll? See bank bailouts or Iraq war, your choice.

Prosecuting a war? We shouldn't be at war. He is handling it equally as well as his predecessor, and better as far as I am concerned.

Handling enemy combatants? Oh please, don't buy into that political claptrap. You are smarter than that.

Running the auto industry? Again, give me a break.

The finance industry? Once again, see bank bailouts.

The health care and/or health insurance industry? Do you mean the one that is based solely on profits and that only works for those that can afford it, or the ones that are already run by the government, and that work very well?

The fact that it is a long and drawn out process is because for 30 years this country has been drained dry by failed Republican policies, which consisted of trickle down economics, tax cuts for the rich, and enabling corporations to prosper while they ignore any responsibility or loyalty to those who work for them.