Wednesday, November 02, 2005

'Charnel House Charlie'

"Charnel House Charlie" Reaffirms the Culture of Death

Florida Attorney General, and would-be governor, Charlie Crist yesterday reaffirmed his commitment to a culture of death, by a divided vote of his brain, 7 to 5:
Florida should stick to allowing juries to recommend executions by a simple majority, not a unanimous vote, Attorney General Charlie Crist said Tuesday, urging legislators to reject the Florida Supreme Court's call to tweak the state's capital punishment laws in favor of unanimous juries.
Florida is the only state in the nation that kills convicted defendants on the recommendation of a bare majority of jurors.

headline edited 11-4-0

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Lepus Americanus said...

Most Republicans talk about moving a way from a culture of death, so long as it does not involve getting hte state out of the business of killing people or taking any positive steps to eliminate the need for abotion. check out my blog