Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tropical Storm Alphabets

With a little more than two weeks left in the official hurricane season, and a month and half to the new year, the Associated Press is reporting a new "tropical depression... formed in the southeast Caribbean Sea" late Sunday evening. It is expected to become "Tropical Storm Gamma" on Monday.
Tropical Depression 27 formed late Sunday, and was expected to be south of Jamaica by the end of the week, over Caribbean waters still warm enough to feed a major hurricane, said hurricane specialist Stacy Stewart.

It is not expected to threaten the United States.

After running out of English-language names for 2005 tropical storms, the National Hurricane Center has been borrowing from the Greek alphabet. We've already used two Greek letters.

Whatever will we do if we use up all the Greek letters, too? One option is to turn to the Cyrillic alphabet.

How do you say, "Hurricane Б"?

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Bryan said...

Б is pronounced "Beh", while В is pronounced "Veh".

I figured that the Hebrew alphabet is up next, since the Cyrillic alphabet is based on the Greek alphabet and quite similar.

I was a Russian linguist in the military.