Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Circulating Pensacola Beach Letter

Letter from Bill Post
Dear Santa Rosa Island Leaseholders,

Governor Crist, on October 14, 2009, announced that he is asking for a Grand Jury Inquiry into the conduct of county officials statewide. He specifically named 5 Judicial Districts in south Florida , but said no counties are excluded. See below. This is the leaseholders’ opportunity to complain about the Escambia and Santa Rosa County taxing officials and others, and to have the complaint heard outside the confines of the two counties.

This attached letter is the third which I have written the Governor. The first letter did elicit a response from the Governor’s Office. Specifically the Chief Analyst from the Office of Policy and Budget was asked to respond on the Governor’s behalf. Although his response was error ridden, it gave me a chance to send a second letter which hopefully was an eye-opener for the Governor’s Office. There has been no reply to date to my second letter. In both letters I asked for an outside investigation. Whether the Governor’s Office has taken my requests to heart is unknown. But with the Governor’s recent announcement I believe this third letter is now timely.

I hope my letter will motivated you to write a letter of complaint as well. A complaint letter is not a sure solution for the injustice, but worth the small effort. Simply state that the Property Appraiser is not following the law and is not upholding his constitutional duties. Receiving many complaints may convince the Governor’s Office to include our two counties in the statewide investigation.

Let’s see if we can create a letter writing campaign by spreading this message beyond the hand full of email recipients I have started with. Please send this email to any fellow leaseholders for whom you have email addresses. We must pressure the Governor’s Office to study the injustice of taxation of Santa Rosa Island.

Best regards,
Bill Post (Author of "Deceit Beach")

October 14, 2009

(850) 488-5394

Governor Charlie Crist today filed with the Florida Supreme Court a petition for order to impanel a Statewide Grand Jury. Governor Crist deems it to be in the best interest of the public for a Statewide Grand Jury to investigate criminal activity committed by public officials while acting in their official capacity.

Statement by Governor Charlie Crist
Regarding Statewide Grand Jury

"A recent rash of crimes committed by public officials in South Florida has led to a crisis of confidence among those who have elected them to office. Today, I have petitioned the Florida Supreme Court to impanel a Grand Jury to investigate these crimes, bring indictments and provide specific recommendations to address fundamental problems within the system that may be cultivating a culture of corruption."

Please find attached the Petition for Order to Impanel a Statewide Grand Jury filed today by Governor Charlie Crist.If you have any questions or need additional information, please call the Governor’s press office at (850) 488-5394.


Anonymous said...

Ok so Charlie Crist will not investigate Pensacola due to it being where his vote remains the strongest. Think about how it shows he attacked RUBIO and Miami, how about your own sand box?
Pensacola Florida has prosecution for hire, do some research. Use GOOGLE

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Anonymous said...

A.C.L.U. investigating prosecutors in real estate " Good Ole Boy " protection racket.
Eric Holder to hold press release November 29th announcing possible SWEEP of "Good Ole Boys"

The GIG is up Bubba !

Anonymous said...

Unsafe place to retire due to territorial corrupt politicians. All county commissioners are in the REAL ESTATE business. Go figure !