Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pensacola Charter Question

We don't mean to step on anyone else's turf to argue for or against the proposed new charter for the City of Pensacola, which goes to a vote in late November when almost no one will be looking. Progressive Pensacola is doing a fine job describing the contending theoretical differences, as is Rick Outzen's Independent News.

We just want to ask one question. What makes anyone suppose the intelligence and discernment of Pensacola voters will be any more acute under a strong mayor-council system than under the mayor-city manager system we have now?

Oops. Change of plans. We'd like two follow-up questions, please.

Have you checked out the pitiable quality of county commissioners and state reps routinely elected over the years by voters who live mostly inside Pensacola's city limits? (We include, of course, the ones who were later paroled as well as those who narrowly escaped indictment or conviction.) Is that the kind of politician you want occupying the chair of a "strong" mayor?

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