Friday, October 16, 2009

Common Sense, Improperly

Mike Robertson, of Gulf Breeze 'Improper', makes sense:
Keep in mind that all of the water delivered to 32561 or 32563 travels through the same pipes, and is distributed by the same physical utility, owned by the City of Gulf Breeze. Whether toilets are flushed in 32561 or 32563, the resulting flushes end up being mixed together and treated together.

It is easy to understand that the utility serving both ZIP codes needs a rate increase if the money coming in is not sufficient to pay the bills. It is not clear why separate rates must be charged for equal flushes occurring in 32561 and 32563.
* * *
The City of Gulf Breeze should consolidate its accounting of its utility service. If taxpayers in the city are paying for part of their utility in their taxes, reduce their taxes by a like amount. Spread the burden of all costs for the utility service on the utility bills we all receive each month, but spread it equally among the ratepayers.

Compare and contrast with the "Proper" argument.

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