Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holly "Go Lightly" Benson

Via St. Petersburg Blog:

Heartless or brainless? You be the judge.

You'd think the kind of sentiments Holly Benson displays would play well in the deeply red political netherworld of the Florida panhandle. However, even here on her home turf in Republican circles Holly Benson is widely considered a "flake."

Regardless, at this point she's pulled too many Sarah Palin's to have any real chance at statewide elected office. First, she resigned in mid-term as a state representative to become director of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. A year later she resigned that job to become director of State Health Care. Now, she's resigning after less than two years as State Health Care Director. In all likelihood, she is about to run for state Attorney General.

It's always amusing to see Republican politicians who spend their entire adult lives nuzzling in the public trough for salary money hitting the campaign trail to screech about the evils of government. But, could Benson have picked a worse time to quit?

Not likely, with "shameful" barriers still standing in Florida against effective vaccine programs for swine flu and cervical cancer, HIV/AIDs continually hovering near epidemic proportions in the state, national health care reform front-and-center with what looks like a very large role for states to play, and the nutty "personhood amendment" likely to be on the next Florida ballot.

Holly Benson goes away lightly from every public office she's held. With her, it's not about serving the public; it's all about serving herself.

If elected, how many months, weeks, or days do you suppose she'd be willing to serve as Florida Attorney General before quitting -- again? Just because she never finishes a job doesn't necessarily mean she's a featherhead; it just means she has a lot more time to run after some other public office.


Anonymous said...

Guess who's daughter she is?

Anonymous said...

Mama Lois got the PNJ to change the tag from quits to steps down.

She can go back to being a bond attorney. Clearly she's not interested in top government jobs with all the perks included.