Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Celebrating New Year's in Florida

UK Telegraph:
"A six-year-old Italian boy was hit in the chest by a falling bullet fired during New Year celebrations in Miami just days after a boy in Georgia was killed in a similar accident.
* * *
"Andrea and his parents, from Treviso, Italy, were sitting at an outside restaurant when the 6-year-old complained of chest pains shortly after midnight. When his parents inspected his body, they discovered a bullet entry wound. Doctors said the bullet passed through his lung and landed near his heart. After undergoing emergency surgery, he was said to be in stable condition."
Miami Mayor Tomas Regalo:
"I hope the message goes out and people throughout the world see that we care and that we're sorry."
We're sorry? Sorry?

You can believe any pol in Florida is 'sorry' about the gun slaughter only when they work to repeal Florida's insane "shoot-first" law and Pistol-Packin' Peaden's unconscionable "Shoot Up the Workplace Law."

When do you suppose it will occur to Florida legislators that tourists aren't exactly thrilled about vacationing in a state with the craziest gun laws in all of America?

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