Saturday, January 09, 2010

Scott's Last Journey Redux

"We had a keen north wind to-night and a haze,
but wind is dropping and sun shining brightly again."
Robert Falcon Scott, Jan. 8, 1912

Beginning last November on Twitter, the Scott Polar Research Institute has been recreating, day-by-day, Scott's last journey to the South Pole. It began ninety-nine years ago, and now it's happening again in cyberspace.

As the bitter cold descends on Florida, you can follow it all on the South Polar blog. For the reading impaired, there's a truncated version on Twitter.

Not to kill the suspense, but Scott and his party will reach the pole a week from tomorrow, Sunday, January 17. Then the real tragedy unfolds.

Spoiler alert: Here is a copy of his very last diary entry, March 29, 1912:

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PJ said...

It's nice that you caught that. Not a Twitter fan but may check out this cool concept (pun intended).