Friday, January 08, 2010

That Gentleman's Sporting Event...

... wasn't so sporting after all. The Profit Gods of Television will be pissed. But the ratings news, don'cha know, is bound to be good even when it's bad.

Don't blame Alabama for last night. They didn't prevent Texas from properly preparing a back-up quarterback in a violent sport notorious for causing injuries. Alabama didn't decide to keep first-string quarterback Colt McCoy on the field in all those regular-season games even after they had become blow-out victories, in an unsuccessful attempt to hype McCoy's stats for the Heisman trophy. (And, to step into the football weeds for a moment, Alabama didn't call that idiotic shovel-pass play, either.)

The thing to remember is that college football long ago became a commercialized professional industry. Those kids weren't out there last night to have a good time. They were just cannon fodder, being exploited for the benefit of all the adults, corporations, and colleges that score giga-billions of dollars every year by risking the bodies and brains of young men before they're fully formed.

The one good move Texas made last night was not to force McCoy to play when he was hurting. And, it's far from certain that was a coach's decision.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the article re the 'idiotic shovel pass'. Good analysis of the Texas mistakes in the game. Clearly, the better TEAM won. Roll Tide!!!