Monday, January 11, 2010

Spectacular Beach Fire

Sunday evening the beach house of Col. Stoney and Judy Mayock on Calle Hermosa burned to the base. The PNJ has photos here, here, and here; plus video here.

We have the morning aftermath, below.

This was the most spectacular house fire on Pensacola Beach since the all-cherry wood, 28,000-square-foot home of former beach resident Will Mullet burned to the ground in less than an hour in October, 1997. Last night's blaze didn't last much longer.

Beach resident Dave DeBlander told the PNJ, "It seemed like in 10 minutes, the top story was gone. In another 30 minutes, the second floor was gone. It happened very fast."

A deputy county sheriff providing security near the site of the fire today verified DeBlander's estimate. "It didn't take more than thirty minutes," she told us.

1. The ruins.

2. Fire investigators at the scene.

3. Deputy sheriffs meeting with SRIA executive Buck Lee to report on the ongoing investigation. For some reason, they met outside the Island Authority offices in 38-degree weather early this morning.

Dept. of Amplification
Tues., Jan. 12

Fire inspectors have determined the house fire was accidental. It appears to have started in an upstairs bedroom with a propane-fueled fireplace. Total loss is estimated at $1.5 million.


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