Monday, June 12, 2006

Bleeding Blue

With T.S. Alberto now heading for landfall well east of Pensacola, the Iraq war beginning to drift into Lebanon, and the Bush cabal holed up at Camp David supposedly to reassess strategy on Iraq , we think it's time to take a break and celebrate the end of "our long national nightmare": Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs snapped their long winless streak on WGN Cable TV.

You don't have to be a Cubs fan, or even follow baseball all that closely, to enjoy Al Yellon's daily posts on Bleed Cubbie Blue. Yellon is a lifelong Cubbie, a long-time season ticket holder, and without a doubt the most entertaining and perspicacious baseball writer this side of Roger Angell. Two years ago, he was awarded the much-coveted "Best Cub Blog" award, which in some quarters out-ranks the Pulitzer. You can read all about it right here.

Yellon is there at Wrigley Field, day and night ... win, lose or even draw. (Sure, a draw is almost impossible under the rules of baseball -- but if it can be done, the Cubs will find a way.) He generally shares his insights and those of the bleachers buddies around him within hours of the latest Cubs' foray onto the field of competition and into the aching hearts of Cubs fans around the globe.

Try following Bleed Cubbie Blue for a few days to see what we mean. It's like a soap opera. Once you get into it, you can't stop watching.

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